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Our philosophy ... only natural products for our friends dogs and cats.

We are a young and dynamic company, growing every day, the passion for nature and love for animals.

Naturally cure our pet, in cases where natural remedies can be beneficial, it is a sign of love and respect.

The Nat Pharma herbal products are carefully formulated to give a natural and effective aid in the care and welfare of the dog and cat.

A natural cure will be much more effective if we love and communicate with our children, great friends.





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Our Products:

Sambor Improves and maintains the growth and pigmentation of the coat.

Fortifin Limit training and especially the accumulation of gas in the gastro- intestinal level of dogs and cats , favoring the expulsion of the stomach and intestines . Helps reduce bloating and helps reduce halitosis .

Sanfen has emollient , hypoglycemic , tonic . Particularly suitable for neutralizing odors that feel through the fur and skin of dogs for apartment

Allipet : Natural Pest . Regular use improves bowel function and promotes the general welfare of the animal.

Artiwell Provides preventive care natural herbal for the treatment of rheumatism in the dog and cat to old age and in inflammatory diseases of the joints.

Renyll is a useful product for the prevention and treatment of kidney and gallstones.

Lenoil prevents and treats all types of dermatitis. Lenoil contains oil derived from the pressing of seeds that prevents some fatty acid deficiencies that can lead to the formation of eczema.

3V Relax: natural tranquillizer , is an excellent remedy to calm and control hyperactivity and anxiety in cats and dogs during thunderstorms , barrels or New Year's veterinary controls.

Kinet prevents the discomfort caused by motion sickness (nausea , excessive salivation , agitation , shortness of breath , and finally vomiting) avoiding to sedate the animal.

Echinat It naturally helps to strengthen the immune system of dogs and cats.

Dissen Pet : It 'a great natural remedy to alleviate the problems caused by diarrhea in dogs and cats .

Plantuss is an excellent natural remedy for diseases of the throat and respiratory tract such as cough, phlegm and bronchitis.

Dog Beer Barks : Do you want a beer with you , beside you , but you have only your faithful four-legged friend ? No problem. Nat Pharma presents BARKS beer for dogs, the first Italian beer specially designed for dogs.